Goals/Core values

The goal of the Homelessness Network is to assist those who are absolutely homeless; for example, those living on the streets or in places not intended for human habitation, or staying in emergency shelters, to find and maintain housing through a case management program, specialized in assisting those in need by addressing barriers to achieving permanent housing.
The Network espouses the following Housing First core principles:
1. Immediate access to permanent housing with no housing readiness requirements
2. Consumer choice and self-determination
3. Recovery orientation to service
4. Individualized and client-driven supports
5. Social and community integration

Note: Persons must be able to, and willing to, participate in a program that consists of weekly home visits.

Referral process

Any individual or family can refer themselves or be referred by other services. Persons will be received by our Central Intake Workers (2), who will explain the program, take their personal information, and then assess individuals or families utilizing the SPDAT. This tool (Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool) is used nationally to evaluate the acuity level at which persons are presenting. The acuity level (needs and barriers) will determine the priority with which individuals or families will be assisted.

Chronically homeless is defined as 6 months or more of living in the streets, in shelters, institutions or "couch surfing" (hidden homelessness)

Supports / Services

Once assessed with SPDAT, persons who qualify and decide to participate in the program, are assigned one of seven (7) Network Case Managers. Supports will include finding accommodation; home visitations; referrals to specialized services where mental health, substance use, or other health issues affect housing retention.
Case Managers are trained to assist individuals in achieving their housing and personal goals for social integration.