A case management program that assists individuals and families find and maintain their housing.

Sudbury’s Homelessness Network is comprised of a partnership of six community-based agencies. Each agency has staff hired for and dedicated to the Homelessness Network’s goals.
Homelessness networks and Housing First programs exist as strategies to help end homelessness. They are meant to assist those who experience episodic and chronic homelessness.
Funding for the Network comes from a partnership agreement with the City of Greater Sudbury and is part of its Housing and Homelessness Plan and Housing First Strategy.

The following agencies form the collaborative partnership called The Homelessness Network (H.N.):

Association des jeunes de la rue
(705) 675­-6422
Provide street and shelter outreach
307 Cedar Street, Sudbury

Centre de santé communautaire du Grand Sudbury – (Corner Clinic)
(705) 280-7888 or
(705) 673-3721
Provides Central Intake, case management and coordination of the H.N.
344 Elgin Street, Sudbury, upstairs

Elizabeth Fry Society of Northeastern Ontario
(705) 673­-1364
Provides case management
204 Elm Street, Sudbury

John Howard Society of Sudbury
(705) 207-7621 or
(705) 673 9576
Provides Central Intake and intensive case management (2 ICMs)
204 Pine Street, Sudbury

Sudbury Action Centre for Youth
(705) 673-­4396
Provides case management
95 Pine Street, Sudbury

N’Swakamok Friendship Centre
(705) 674-­2128
Provides case management
110 Elm Street, Sudbury

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